Quality Standards and Certifications

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Embedded within our corporate values is an unwavering pledge to uncompromising quality. AloVeBali employs various methods to uphold top standards in quality, purity, and consistency throughout our
product growing, sourcing and manufacturing.

Dedication to Excellence

AloVeBali is committed to maintaining premier quality systems and operations, delivering products that consistently align with our customer expectations. Our business protocols and manufacturing facility operate in accordance with the principles of HACCP and GMP.

Precise Production Practices

Our rigorous quality system guarantees the safety, effectiveness, consistency, and traceability of every batch. We closely follow regulatory standards, proactively adjusting to changing requirements. In our laboratory and factory, our dedicated Quality Management Team meticulously records each step that impacts product quality.

We offer comprehensive ingredient portfolios for assessment by customers and regulatory bodies. Crafted by skilled professionals under strict supervision and purified under hygienic conditions, our aloe vera extracts ensure safety. These extracts are available in different quantities for use in cosmetic, personal care, food, and other industries.

Unyielding Agronomic Commitment

Our commitment to quality spans the entire production cycle, subjecting both raw materials and finished products to rigorous testing protocols. Recognizing the pivotal role of raw material quality, we have established a comprehensive, multi-layered quality management system to ensure that materials from contract farmers adhere to the highest standards of Good Agricultural and Collection Practices.

Our process:

Nourished by heavenly waters and a caring touch, aloe vera flourishes in Bali’s sunny climate and well-drained, fertile soils. By default Bali provides these optimal growing conditions, ensuring year-round harvesting across our certified organic hectares. With passionate care, our plants benefit from the organic cultivation, naturally accumulating valuable active ingredients over time.

Maintaining quality through precise harvesting. Carefully orchestrated to balance time and quality. Collaborative teamwork establishes periodic cycles for harvesting mature leaves. Each leaf, is delicately scratched at the base and carefully detached from the plant stem, ensuring the preservation of the mother plant. The freshly harvested leaves then undergo immediate processing at our nearby facility.

Turning gel into powder. Upon arrival at our factory, leaves undergo two cold water rinses to remove impurities. Following a certified process, we extract the gel from the cleansed aloe vera leaves. The gel is then stored in conditioned rooms. Or we swiftly transform the gel into powder within hours. Our dedicated lab staff maintains rigorous quality control.

Circular use. At AloVeBali, every part of the aloe vera plant is valued – the rest material is utilized to produce organic fertilizer, distributed to countries such as Australia, South Korea and The Netherlands. The entire process is carefully executed in-house to ensure that all leaving our factory meets the highest quality standards.

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