Quality Standards and Certifications

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Embedded within our corporate values is an unwavering pledge to uncompromising quality. Alove Bali has implemented a comprehensive suite of methodologies to ensure the highest benchmarks of quality, purity, and uniformity in every facet of our Aloe product sourcing and manufacturing process.

Dedication to Excellence

Alove Bali remains steadfast in upholding premier quality systems and operations, delivering products that consistently align with established customer expectations. Our business protocols and manufacturing facility operate in accordance with the principles of ISO 22000 and HACCP, both of which are founded on a standard of quality risk management.

Precise Production Practices

Within the realm of Alove Bali, our stringent quality system ensures the safety, efficacy, uniformity, and traceability of each batch. We meticulously adhere to regulatory norms, proactively adapting to evolving prerequisites. In our laboratory and factory, our dedicated Quality Management Systems (QMS) team diligently documents every step influencing product quality, while providing comprehensive ingredient portfolios for assessment by both customers and regulatory bodies. Crafted by skilled professionals under stringent supervision and purified under hygienic conditions, Aloe Vera Extracts assure safety. These extracts are offered in varying quantities for use in Cosmetic, Food, Health, and diverse industries.

Unyielding Agronomic Commitment

Our commitment to quality spans the entire production cycle, subjecting both raw materials and finished products to rigorous testing protocols. Recognizing the pivotal role of raw material quality, we have established a comprehensive, multi-layered quality management system to ensure that materials from contract farmers adhere to the highest standards of Good Agricultural and Collection Practices.

Our process:

Waters from the heavens and a passionate touch
Aloe Vera thrives in sunny climates with well-drained, fertile soils, and Bali’s growing conditions provide the ideal setting for optimal results. Harvesting takes place year-round, and our 130-hectare expanse adheres to certified organic cultivation schemes. Plants are tended exclusively by hand, benefiting from organic cultivation that allows them to naturally accumulate valuable active ingredients over time.

Preserving quality through timely harvesting
Harvesting is orchestrated meticulously to preserve both time and quality. Collaborative teamwork guides periodic cycles for harvesting ripe leaves. Each leaf—typically two to four—is gently scratched at the base and removed from the plant stem with careful physical force, preserving the mother plant. These freshly harvested leaves then undergo further processing at our nearby facility.

Transforming gel into powder
Upon reaching our factory, leaves are subjected to two rounds of cold water rinsing to eliminate undesirables. Through a certified process, we extract the gel from cleansed aloe vera leaves. If needed, we promptly convert the gel into powder within hours, ensuring readiness for industry processing. No chemical additives are introduced throughout this process. Our dedicated lab staff maintains meticulous quality control.

Sustainable utilization
At AloVe Bali, even the leaves are valued—used to create organic fertilizer distributed to countries including Australia and South Korea. The entire process demands utmost care, as each step is performed in-house to guarantee the powder leaving our factory attains the highest quality standards.

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