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Navigating Climate Impact with Responsibility

In an era where climate change’s influence on crop security is increasingly pronounced, AloVe Bali fervently embraces accountability, channeling our time and resources to drive positive transformation. Our unwavering belief in (social) sustainability encompasses satisfying present needs without imperilling the prospects of future generations. This rests upon three pillars: economic development, environmental safeguarding, and social accountability.

Our Endeavours Encompass

  • Fostering Economic Growth: Through equitable employment and expansion, we strive to generate economic value.
  • Mitigating Our Footprint: Via voluntary and self-regulatory endeavours, we lower CO2 emissions by curbing energy, water usage, and waste throughout product lifecycles.
  • Empowering Communities: Our commitment extends to supporting our staff and communities in every possible manner.
  • A Humble Journey’s Genesis: Farming and Sustainable Harvesting
Recognizing the potency of collaboration, we’ve united farmers, workers, consumers, NGOs, and customers in pursuit of sustainable, socially responsible agricultural practices. The journey commenced modestly with a single farm in 2012. Gradually, plot by plot, we’ve forged a difference. Today, our endeavours radiate, ushering a brighter tomorrow for Bali and forthcoming generations.

Sustaining Livelihoods

The gratification derived from our 130 rich, volcanic hectares transcends size—it sustains 29 local farmers and 100 families with stable incomes. Unified, we stand as a collective family, cultivating 100% organic aloe vera raw materials and products, abstaining from pesticides and chemicals. Surplus materials metamorphose into organic fertilizer. Whether infused within shampoos, creams, supplements, food, or beverages, our final gels or powders mirror exceptional quality, socially responsible origins, and sustainable cultivation.

A Trusted, Traceable Trajectory

At AloVe Bali, we manage the entirety of the value chain, from inception to your preferred collection or destination point. Our vertically integrated supply chain begets trust and reliability. We offer transparency regarding ingredient origins, cultivation, processing, packaging, and shipping. All this is executed within our steadfast commitment to certification schemes and elevated standards.