The power of 100% natural Aloe Vera from Bali

What we do

We are AloVe Bali, a Dutch-Balinese producer of 100% natural, organic and (social) sustainable aloe vera ingredients.

We offer bulk, bottled and packed aloe vera product solutions to brand owners and dealers in the personal care, cosmetics-, food & beverage-, and agricultural- industry.

Together with a team of passionate Balinese farmers, we grow, produce, and distribute premium quality aloe vera at a friendly price level. From our offices in Bali and The Netherlands, we service and support our customers at a global level in a very flexible manner.

The best quality from fertile volcanic soil

At AloVeBali, natural is not just a trendy term or a false promise; it’s a serious matter. In fact, our founder
was compelled to start the company 20 years ago out of a strong commitment to environmental consciousness, and social responsibility. 

This journey began with 19 Balinese farmers sharing a common goal: improving the livelihoods of these farmers and promoting the environmental well-being of Bali. Until today, this principle remains firmly established.  

In the northern regions of Bali, majestic volcanoes grace the landscape. The soil there is just perfect – lush, rich and fertile. And guess what? That’s exactly where our plantations are. No surprise, the soil’s goodness brings out some top-notch aloe vera.

Organic Solutions, Driven by Purpose





Why us?

Our well controlled integrated supply chain provides our
customers trust and quality.

Our switched-on people deliver reliability,
honesty, flexibility
and responsiveness.

The Balinese warm-heartedness is a unique characteristic that resonates with those who have had the privilege of visiting Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. 

The genuine warmth and friendliness exhibited by the Balinese people surpasses expectations. While acknowledging the kindness of others in the region, the Balinese culture holds something truly special.

This ‘something truly special’ is what we aim to be for our customers too.

Why Choose Us?

Our seasoned team’s Aloe Vera expertise spans sourcing to quality management, aligning with your market requirements. Assured prompt deliveries and attentive communication forge a seamless partnership that goes beyond transactions, driven by trust, authenticity, and dedication.